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Purpose: The adoption and application of information technology is essential to reform healthcare and meet the needs of patients in the coming decades. By harnessing the power of information technology for the health care field, we can enhance the effectiveness of the care we provide patient safety, increase workforce productivity and satisfaction, streamline payment-billing and administrative systems, and meet consumer expectations for service and access to information. The general objective of the study was to establish the influence of information technology on patient care

Methodology: The paper used a desk study review methodology where relevant empirical literature was reviewed to identify main themes and to extract knowledge gaps.

Findings: The study found out that information technology influences performance of banks. Literature on adoption of information technology such as mobile banking showed that alerts given by mobile phones and smart phone apps assist customers to make informed choices

Recommendations: The study recommends that the leaders of the banks accelerate the focus on expansion and integration of information technologies to improve accessibility of services and efficiency. The study recommends that more information security features be adopted to ensure that the system is up to date upcoming technology to avoid loss of funds for clients or system hacking. The study recommends that the managers and stakeholders responsible for internet banking and mobile banking take it as an initiative to educate their esteemed customers on the usage of their mobile phones and computers in accessing banking services while at the same time enlightening them on occasional problems, they might experience due to making poor entries or applications which could lead to losses of their funds. In this case, training programs should be prepared and hire best IT teams to ensure that the strategy for alternative banking does its best.

Keywords:  Information technology, banks

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Dr. James Kimani, Finstock Evarsity College

Postgraduate Student, Finstock Evarsity College




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